Thursday, February 21, 2008

New cakes coming this weekend!

It's been a busy time in my life so I haven't had much time for cakes as of late! This weekend there will be two new cakes...

1. A Cars cupcake cake. The birthday boy is allergic to eggs so it will be egg-free chocolate cupcakes with Toba Garrett's buttercream (also egg-free). This cake will be similar to my puppy cupcake cake with a version of the red car on the cake made from cupcakes covered in bc/fondant

2. A pillow/tiara cake birthday cake. It will also be chocolate with buttercream, but I'll use my normal SMBC I think. Now let's talk about this tiara for a moment - I'm ready to smash the friggin thing - heck I have! (by accident of course) Basically it's a tiara made from piped royal icing and it's very fragile. I'm currently on attempt number three and if this doesn't work I'm making it out of white chocolate.

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